Asia Open Data Challenge was organized for the first time in 2015 with the aim of solving common challenges by leveraging open data in Asia.

In order to strengthen the in-depth exchange and cooperation of data applications among Asia countries, with the government's open data as the main axis, 2020 Asia Open Data Challenge was jointly held by Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The team must use the open data of the governments of various countries, and can mix and match the data of the private, corporate or other countries with the Asia Open Data Portal to develop works with innovative and commercial ideas or to set up prediction models for facilitating decision-making. In addition to expecting the activity to stimulate more material creativity, it will also strengthen the application of enterprise and create more opportunities for international cooperation.


Who can join?

The team must be composed of 2-5 members, and the same person shall not cross the team repeatedly. Each team must appoint a team representative as the contact window between the participating teams and the organizer. The team representative must be responsible for contacting the relevant event of this competition, confirming the entry documents and receiving the prize.

Work Specification

The team should create one workable application that PREFERRABLY use Asia Open Data Portal: and mix with other data to develop creative works which are commercial-oriented or are able to solve common problem in Asia. The team MUST make their work (including document, presentation material, videos, data usage…etc.), and upload to registration.


Each country and enterprise will have 3 judges to score the applications. Each country's and enterprise's judge will pick up 1 winning team for each country or enterprise on 28 Aug.


Total online presentation time: 7 minutes, 4 minutes for presentation and demo, 1 minute for judges to ask questions, and 2 minutes for teams to answer.


Agenda Deadline
Online Registration (Mon.) 27 July (The registration will be closed at 22:59pm, GMT+8)
Online Preliminary Selection (Wed.) 12 Aug (The finalists will be announced at 6:00pm, GMT+8 on the website Latest News session)
Final Competition* (Fri.) 28 Aug (1:00-6:20pm, GMT+8)

Final Competition* :

Teams who advance to the Final Competition will present via live streaming with total online presentation time: 7 minutes including 4 minutes for presentation and demo, 1 minute for judges to ask questions, and 2 minutes for teams to answer.

Agenda for Final Competition (28 Aug GMT+8)

Time Agenda
13:00~13:15 Opening and speech for each partner
13:15~13:30 Introducing judges
13:30~16:30 Presentation
16:30~17:20 Judge meeting (final voting)
17:20~18:20 Judge comment & award ceremony
18:20~ See you next year!


Award Prize
Invincible Award (Head Category - Afforded by Each Country) US$3,000 and certificate
Enterprise Special Award (Afforded by Each Enterprise) US$1,500 and certificate
Team's Choice Award (Afforded by Each Country) US$600 and certificate


Evaluation Criteria Description Weight
Multi-country Application Mash up multiple data resources from Asia Open Data Portal and open dataset provided by Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and other countries’ governments. Corporate or non-governmental dataset from different countries are also acceptable. 20%
Open Data Utilization How widely and deeply the application used open data. 10%
Creativity Is the application innovative and full of creativity? 20%
Technical Difficulty and Feasibility Does the application include innovative techniques? Are the functions practical? Does the application solve the problem properly? 25%
Business Viability Does the application satisfy any demand in the market? Can it clearly describe how exactly it applies to business activities, such as purchasing process, business matching process, etc.? 25%


Smart Life (Open Data in Smart Life in After Corona Era)

Utilize open data to create some innovative service, in order to improve quality of life. Please also consider business opportunities for this service.

Sample Questions (Please note: teams can also create their own mission or question.)

  • How can we use open data for fighting against disease and trying to reveal more useful information to the public?
  • How to integrate open data to develop comprehensive epidemic-prevention solutions, online services or apps for new medical knowledge?
  • How can we use open data for urban governance and providing citizen with smart solution?
  • How can we use open data for developing more fintech products and improving customer experience?
  • How can we use open data for creating smart home and making daily life much easier?
  • How to develop innovative and convenient services through open data and fasten decision-making process to solve public problems?
  • How to use data visualization tools, such as tables, graphics, maps, etc., to disseminate information to the public through real-time content?
  • How to improve your work style with technologies and open data to realize better QOL?
  • How to utilize the open data to spread diversification of work style and the future of work?

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